1. What dosage forms are available for the product?

Health foods, functional drinks, powders, capsules, tablets, soft capsules, liquid foods, paste foods, enzyme products, pill foods, skin care products, peptide fiber masks, eye masks



2. In addition to OEM and ODM, does greenstrong sell other health food ingredients?

Natural plant extract powder, edible and medicinal mushrooms, plant essential oils and cold-pressed oil



3. If you want to market your products to mainland China, can greenstrong provide any assistance?

greenstrong has been operating in mainland China for many years and has established a branch in Shanghai. If customers need to import products into mainland China, greenstrong has rich experience and can help customers apply for three mainland certificates and approved trade names, so that customers' products can be legally imported into mainland China.



4. If I want to develop a unique product, can greenstrong help me do it?

greenstrong has a professional R&D team and technical department to meet customer needs, formulate R&D and plans for new product launches, and provide customers with the latest professional information and education training from time to time. It also actively cooperates with academic institutions and research institutions around the world to jointly develop multiple research materials and innovative dosage forms.



5. There are so many health food OEMs now, what are the advantages of greenstrong?

The greenstrong R&D team uses different global procurement systems to search for the most advanced natural biological raw materials from all over the world, and integrates them using professional R&D equipment and research analysis to create a variety of raw materials and products in different dosage forms to provide customers with Tailor-made products that are the most competitive and meet market demand.

The business strategy is to develop the global health care market with the competitive advantage of "reasonable price, super high quality". And with many years of practical experience and continuous innovative research and development capabilities, we provide customers with product content that is most suitable for channel attributes. Therefore, in recent years, it has been known as the most flexible indicator group internationally.

Collaborate with international brands across multiple industries to establish a mechanism for combining business advantages, emphasizing the effective certification of product brand and quality, in order to improve the competitiveness of the application of advantages, and establish technical cooperation with research institutions and academic units to establish a biotechnology R&D center , to enhance technology development and enhance the performance of new products.

Utilize the integration capabilities of electronic information systems to improve smooth communication and service speed, thereby improving the overall operation and efficiency of the group and achieving the best results in serving customers quickly.



6. What should you do if you cannot purchase a large amount in the early stages of starting a business?

greenstrong insists on serving every customer. If the purchase quantity is small, greenstrong can still produce it, but it will charge a sample fee for small-volume production depending on the product, so that customers can have less pressure in the early stages of starting a business.